Style Competition – Win a Limited Edition Necklace


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win-a-limited-edirion-necklace-style-doctors-personal-stylistsStyle Doctors is ten years old this year and as one of the longest running personal shopper and personal stylist companies in the UK we are teaming up with talented designers and brands to bring you some great prizes over the next few weeks.

This week we’ve teamed-up with talented jewellery designer Joanne from Artique Boutique and you can win one of her limited edition necklaces by entering below.

Joannes’s background is as a fine artist – painting atmospheric images of nature. She studied fine art at Falmouth College of Arts and went on to have a 25 year career exhibiting at venues such as The Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Palace, The National Trust and various London galleries. She was also fortunate to receive awards from The Mail on Sunday and The British Watercolour Society. Joanne never imagined she would ever do anything other than paint but somehow her passion for colour, texture, fashion and style lead her into the realm of jewellery design as well.

‘I am also totally inspired by the jewellery materials themselves – gemstones, shells, feathers, ribbons and threads. Everyday I delight in the raw materials that sit in my studio. I love to let my imagination wander and pick out little colour stories that weave from one item to another. Colours that speak of the forest, in deep and verdant tones, or perhaps exotic tales of birds and their fanciful feathers – iridescent and exquisite. Every piece has a story to tell, and every customer becomes a part of that story, woven together through the simple act of wearing’.


This gorgeous, sleek and elegant silver and gold leaf necklace that we’re giving away by Joanne is just the thing for making a statement.

Ideal for those who love to dress up but with a dash of nonconformity! This black silver and gold ‘mixed metal’ necklace is modern, chic and opulent. It features a gold plated branch charm and two metal leaf pendants hanging on a black oxidised sterling silver chain. There is also a chain dangle, finished with a gold plated bead for extra drama and movement.

We think that the contrast between the matt black silver and the satin gold is fantastic – very opulent, rich and striking. The mixed metals look is a popular and growing trend right now, and set to be even bigger for next year. So stay ahead of the crowd with this lovely gold and silver necklace!

‘I sincerely hope that my jewellery is imbued with my love, joy and delight for it, and my greatest wish is that it goes on to inspire, uplift and delight you whenever you wear it. I honestly want you to feel truly fabulous and feminine in your Artique Boutique Jewellery!’

Visit our website here to enter.

Good luck!

Style Doctors

Style Doctors Personal Stylists Competition


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Style Doctors is 10 years old this year and as one of the longest running personal shopper and personal stylist companies in the UK we are teaming up with some great designers and brands to bring you some great prizes over the next few weeks.

For your chance to win accessories, personal shopping trips, vouchers and much more check back soon.

Style Doctors x

Finding your own personal style


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finding-your-own-personal-style-style-doctors-personal-stylistsFinding your own personal style doesn’t happen overnight. The fact is, finding your style is a continuing process.

Your style may reflect your age, personality, body image, and even your mood. Whatever it is, your style reflects who you are. For many, style is something that is ever changing. We all know how hard it was trying to find our own style as a young adult and it seems it’s not much easier as we grow older. Clothes don’t always fit as we’d like them to, trends are constantly changing, and we are all just trying to look good without trying so hard.

Do you ever feel lost? Trying to find a balance between looking good and feeling great, the two don’t always go together. At times we love the way something looks, yet the fit doesn’t compliment our body or maybe you find something that looks great on but the price is out of your reach.

These are things everyone has dealt with at one point or another during their shopping experience. Friends can be fun shopping buddies but sometimes we need that expert opinion, a person who really understands fashion and knows what looks good. There is only so much you can view online. The Internet is swarming with fashion images, blogs, and magazines, yet we are not receiving the hands-on assistance we may need.

We tend to think personal shoppers are only for the rich and famous, however now, are more accessible to the everyday man or woman. Looking good and feeling great is something we can all achieve with the expertise and advice of Style Doctor’s personal stylists. Finding your style may be a whole lot easier with some extra guidance. Fashion fades, yet your style is forever. Your clothing is a little piece of you, make sure you like what you see.

Image: The Little Fashion Box

Everyday Wardrobe Essentials For Men


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everyday-wardrobe-essential-key-items-for-men-style-doctors-personal-stylistsDo you often wonder what you should have in your wardrobe to make it all come together? Are you always looking for that illusive garment that will magically make your wardrobe complete?

With so much choice available there is little hope that you can simply pop to the shops by yourself and come away with a whole capsule wardrobe that can be worn together in multiple different ways.

Our stylists know exactly what work together, what will work for you and what will also stand the test of time. It’s not just about going out and buying in bulk, it’s about buying the right things.

Do you look at your wardrobe and think that you have lots of the same pieces? More than one blue shirt? Three pairs of the same jeans in various shades of blue?

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what’s missing from your own wardrobe and to be truly objective. Our stylists can look inside your wardrobe and within a few minutes can tell you what’s missing and where to access those items.

As a guide we have put together some key items that would be good to have in a man’s wardrobe for a versatile smart casual wardrobe.



It’s great to look in magazines at inspiration and at looks however what looks good in the 2D pages of a men’s magazine or online may not be right for you.

Are you tall? Do you have built-up thighs? Do you have longer than average arms? These are not things that inspiration boards cover.

All our stylists know exactly which shops are perfect for each individual shape. Never been able to find a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly? Our stylists will immediately take you to a shop that will have the perfect pair of jeans for you.

Online shopping can be time consuming with little success at the end and you often end up ‘making-do’ or sending over 50% of the items back. When you go shopping with a  personal shopper you will end up keeping 100% of your clothes in the knowledge that you will look great in everything and as everything has been chosen by an expert that everything can be worn together in multiple different ways.

When we say that you’ll save time and money shopping with us, we really mean it.

Book a personal shopper session today and see what you’ll achieve. We guarantee you’ll be amazed….

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Style Doctors Personal Stylists Summer Sale


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The sun may have stopped shining for a while however our summer sale has started!

Whether you’re a regular client in need of a wardrobe update or new client looking to purchase an experience with us for the first time our summer sale is open for everyone.

We are offering a fantastic 20% off all our style experience packages over the value of £150.

To take advantage of this offer simply follow our blog (here) and you will immediately be emailed with a discount code.

The sale will end on the 31st of August and all purchases must be paid in full. Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Style Inspiration Boards – Outfit Ideas


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the-look-floral-accessories-style-doctors-personal-stylistsDo you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter? If you don’t please click on the previous links as we’d love to see you there!

As well as taking our lovely clients shopping we also like to offer some free style inspiration on our social media pages to help show people how to create outfits and looks using what’s currently available in stores.

Our talented team of stylists know the stock of shops inside out from high street to designer and know exactly where to get anything you might be looking for.

If there are any looks you’d like to see or any style tips you’d like to learn more about please let us know and our stylists will create some style inspiration boards and post them to our social media pages.

festival-style-ideas-style-doctors-personal-stylistsGoing to a festival? Here are three looks one of our personal stylists created.

summer sales style doctors style tipsTop tips on what to buy in the summer sales.

See you on our social pages!

Style Doctors x

Receive a £50 Voucher with your purchase


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style-doctors-money-off-voucherIf you purchase a Full Day Shopping, Total Makeover or Half Day Shopping package you’ll receive a £50 gift voucher to spend on your shopping trip.

*This offer applies to Men’s and Women’s packages.

To take up this offer simply purchase your package online here.


Wedding Outfit Inspiration For Women


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462880ec2ebdd054d76f0311b885655aCookie cutter weddings have become a thing of the past and with that so have the typical wedding guest outfits.

With so many different wedding themes it’s hard to keep up with what wardrobe style is appropriate for which wedding and we’re here to help.

Luck to enough to be attending a beach wedding? The great things about beach weddings are that you can dress a little less formal than you would at a wedding here. For our beach wedding inspiration we found a timeless off white jumpsuit and paired this with a statement necklace and a stylish clutch. As far as shoes go, you have to be comfortable with walking in the sand therefore heels are not ideal. Instead, a stylish pair of sandals is perfect for a beach wedding. The statement necklace and sandals are a perfect pairing because the necklace dresses up the look that would otherwise be very casual because of the sandals.

Themed Wedding Style

A countryside wedding brings the beauty of nature and the sophistication of glamorous day into one place so when attending a wedding such as this one; your outfit should do the same. The printed dress has a great demure sleeve and is both stylish and classic at the same time. A light pink clutch and matching wedges accompany this dress perfectly and tones down the print.

Lastly we have the black-tie wedding. When shopping for a black-tie wedding outfit you will be able to find a variety of dresses in the evening dress category. When shopping keep this in mind, black-tie does not mean you’re limited to a long black dress. If you decide you want to wear a short dress keep it classic and elegant. Keep to one shade as prints are best left for country weddings. Think bond girl!

No matter the wedding them there is a perfect outfit out there for you and if you’re still struggling to find what that perfect fit is for you, book a styling appointment with us today!

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Shopping Handbag Sales


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3b34e7d26f9aa5c519d54c3acd088da0Have you changed your handbag recently or are you still carrying around your winter handbag because it’s too much work to move everything from one bag to another? Even a new handbag can give you a boost and can make your outfits feel different. At the moment there is a handbag in every style, every colour, and one for every occasion available from high street to designer. When going through your wardrobe there are some essential handbags that you want to make sure that are in your collection.

Now is the perfect time to shop for handbags because lots of these are in the sales! We’re going to guide you through the process of picking out the perfect handbag.

The everyday bag is essential because most women need a bag every day. This should a medium sized bag usually in a neutral colour like tan, mink or black that can easily match multiple items in your wardrobe.

The evening clutch is every lady’s lifesaver. When you’re going out you don’t want to haul around a huge bag, a nice clutch or a small purse is perfect for those nights out when you just need your wallet, phone, and lipstick. You’d be surprised how many people don’t have a go-to evening clutch. As a rule, if your outfit is delicate your bag should be the same.
If you travel a lot or are in situations where you have to carry a lot around, a classic tote is a must have for you. You can find a variety of stylish totes that are perfect for your travels.

Lastly you need one fun and funky handbag! Don’t be afraid of colour. It’s summer and a bright coloured handbag is exactly what your wardrobe is missing. Adding a colourful handbag to your outfit can turn it from drab to fab instantly. When picking out a colourful handbag find a style that you’ll get the most use out of, whether it’s a clutch, a medium sized bag, or a classic tote. Adding this splash of colour is essential to brighten your outfit and your mood.

On our style board, we have included stars next to the bags that would be the colour pop piece for your handbag collection.
When you’re shopping summer sales this weekend and you think to yourself “Do I need another handbag?” we’re here to tell you, yes, yes you do. Swap the contents of your current handbag immediately after buying it!
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Ladies Weekend Away – Outfit Inspiration


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98d30210e43fca1b001f6fce1e64b98cGirls just want to have fun right? And what better way to have fun then by going on a weekend getaway. While you plan all the activities for the weekend we’ve got you covered on what to pack for your weekend away!

A playsuit is a one-stop shop to stylishness. If you had a long night the day before and you don’t want to put much thought it to your outfit you can throw on a playsuit and be ready to go. These come in a variety of styles that you can find for any occasion, time of day, or look. You can wear a fun and printed style like the one we found and simply pair it with a set of bangles and then add a stylish pair of sandals or flats. You can also find neutral colours with no prints or patterns, which are great to pair with a statement necklace and an up hairdo. Don’t feel comfortable in shorts? Feel exposed in dresses? Playsuits are great in-between garments perfect for easy weekend-away summer dressing.


For your afternoon look try pairing a denim skirt with your favorite blouse. A denim skirt gives you stylish but casual look and because it’s denim you can pair it with a variety of tops. If you want to go for a more casual look pair your denim skirt with a t-shirt and add either flats or a funky pair of sneakers (or even stay in the same sandals). This will create a look that is casual but also comfortable for whatever plans you have for your afternoon. However, if you want to go less casual pair your skirt with a blouse and a pair of wedges. Wedges are an essential item for any weekend away as you never know how far you’ll have to walk.

At night, wear white! Summer white is a very popular colour this season and it’s great for a night time look. You can pair a stylish white dress with a fun clutch like we did or you could go a different route with a white jumpsuit or maxi dress. Either way don’t fear wearing white on your weekend away. Use your accessorizes will make this look match the vibe of wherever you’re going that night. Going abroad for the weekend? White will be your perfect companion!

The great thing about all of these looks is that they can mix and match depending on how you dress them. Any of these looks would look great with simply a pair of sandals or a pair of flats. You can also rotate your jewellery from look to look and still look stylish.

Whatever adventures await you for your weekend away, you’re ready for them…morning, noon, and night!

To find a capsule weekend wardrobe with minimal fuss and totally stress free why not book a personal styling session. Available at locations across the UK.

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