Autumn 2015 Make-up Tips


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Autumn is around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about switching up your make-up bag. Swap the bronzed glow and embrace the pink flush (perfect for an English rose look). If you struggle to change your make-up routine and would like to introduce different products and looks, we’ll be sharing some of the latest beauty trends with you, but firstly I’d like to share the most important tip which is to always apply an SPF sunscreen before anything else! It’s vital to protect your skin in every season (even winter!)

Make-up Tips

Minimal makeup is very practical for when you don’t have a lot of time (especially before work) so luckily for you it’s one of the new trends for this season. The barely there look is perfect for enhancing your natural beauty. To create a subtle look I’d suggest a light coverage for a fresh skin feel (caking foundation never looks good), a soft rose blush will also give you that bit of colour you will need in the colder months. To enhance the eyes a light matte colour shadow will be enough to define the crease, along with a precise eyeliner flick but ever so slightly as you want it to look as natural as possible. To finish the look off or you’ll need is a coat of mascara to open up the eyes and a soft pink or nude lipstick.


Shop the pieces: Brush | Lipstick | Eye Shadow | Mascara | Nail Polish | Blusher | Eyeliner | Foundation

The cold means you can start introducing darker colours back into your life including your make-up products and the best way of doing this is with the lips. This season it’s all about the darker reds and berry coloured lipsticks and the biggest trend is blackberry lips, which we know is quite bold but as long as you keep the lips the focal point and the rest of your make-up simple it should work a treat.

If you prefer to keep your lips simple and have your eyes as the accentuated feature on your face, the smokey eye look is perfect. Opting for matte greys or brown tones will give you a softer feel in comparison to black which can sometimes look quite heavy. When applying eye shadows it’s important to blend the product as much as possible to ensure that there are no harsh lines, finding the right blending brush that works for you is the first step.

If you would like to know more make-up trends or just need help finding the right beauty products for you book a session with one of our make-up artists. They will pick out all the staple items you need and also show you how to apply them and they’ll leave you looking and feeling amazing for the new season.

Sheridan x

Win This Amazing Perspex Art Deco Necklace


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art-deco-style-perspex-necklace-competition-style-doctors-personal-stylistsWe’ve teamed-up with talented jewellery designer Sara Whittle for our latest style competition! We’re big fans of statement accessories at Style Doctors and you can win this amazing perspex Art Deco necklace by entering below.

About Whittle:

Whittle is a Portuguese brand established in 2013. The brand was created by Sara Whittle, Fashion Designer and Image consultant.

Each creation is the outcome of an adventure, a reflection of a continual cultural search for something unique. The alliance of creative ideas and a focus on detail are trademarks that set her individuality as a designer.

These pieces come from a inherent curiosity and the joy of creating, in an effort to combat the monotony and generate space for the original.

Her designs are understated yet refined. That can be worn more like an accessory than as jewellery. Providing an powerful contrast between the pieces themselves and the fabric they are worn with.

‘I studied fashion design in England and then I internship with Ann-Sofie Back and Fred Butler (Acessorize designer). I guess that was the moment I thought I actually didn’t want to be a fashion designer. After graduating I moved to my homeland Portugal where I did my last internship with Valentim Quaresma ( The #7 International talent support award winner) a conceptual jewellery designer. Working with him made me realize the importance of the branding surrounding a business.

Meanwhile making clothes kept me returning to accessories and I started assisting a few stylists who were asking me to make custom pieces for editorial shots. One year later I opened my own brand Whittle.

There is something really amazing about making accessories. People invest in things that have an impact in terms of fashion but aren’t as expensive. Today with the immeasurable amount of materials that you can choose to work with, combined with technology you can have excellent results’.


This is a striking collection inspired on Art Deco lines. Each piece is based on simplified geometric forms, made from Laser cut and engravedperspex.This necklace is also supported by jump rings (for the perfect fit) and ties up with a black satin ribbon that can be worn at various lengths. All jewellery is handmade in Portugal and will come to you beautifully packaged.

Width: 14.5 cm = 5.7 in
Lenght: 10.5 cm = 4.1 in

Visit the website to enter here.

Good luck!

Style Doctors

Style Competition – Win A Unique Statement Necklace


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We’ve teamed-up with talented jewellery designer Martina at Isla Clay for our latest style competition! Her ceramic jewellery is totally unique and will finish off any outfit. We’re big fans of statement accessories at Style Doctors and you can win one of her amazing statement necklaces by entering below.

About Martina:

‘I create geometric ceramic jewellery using mostly white earthenware clay. The characteristics of my work are abstract, sometimes asymmetric shapes, carved with geometric patterns and coated with non-toxic colourful glazes. Sometimes the pieces are carefully planned using sketches, other times I let my intuition guide me when creating new pieces. Anything can spark a new idea but often the sources of inspiration for me are colours. I have always been amazed by how certain colours can complement each other, like good partners, they sort of bring the best out in each other. Once I have found such a combination the design often comes intuitively.’

The Necklace:

A beautiful ceramic statement necklace with carved geometric pattern in lime green. Made of earthenware clay and fired twice around 1000°C. The geometric pattern was carved while leather-hard and inlaid with black underglaze. The necklace is coated with non-toxic glazes. The black satin ribbon end with a silver plated toggle clasp. The necklace is light and comfortable to wear. The back where the necklace was touching the kiln was left unglazed.


Ribbon length including the clasp: 35cm, width 7mm. The ceramic piece is app. 9.5cm long, 5cm high and 4mm thick.

Ribbon length including the clasp: 35cm, width 7mm. The ceramic piece is app. 9.5cm long, 5cm high and 4mm thick.

Visit the Style Doctors website and enter here.

Personal stylist training workshop


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personal-stylist-training-workshop-style-doctors-style-myA Style Doctors Director has come together with the director of international style consultancy ID Couture to offer a bespoke and unique stylist training course like no other in the world.

‘After celebrating our tenth year in business in 2014 and becoming the UK’s premier personal stylist company, we came together with another company established around the same time to create a unique stylist training course that would satisfy every would-be stylists’ need’ says Elin Mai of Style Doctors.

Whether you’re already a stylist and want to hone your skills or simply someone who’d like to experience what it’s like to be a stylist, Style My stylist training have a solution and a course for everyone.

Stylists aren’t made in a classroom. They’re made out there, learning their craft, looking at clothes and styling real people.

That’s not to say that there isn’t a technical/written aspect of the course as you’ll also learn about choosing the right colours for yourself and for your clients. You’ll also learn about the realities of being a stylist in 2015.

‘We are both innovative people and realise that these days shoppers want to experience a different kind of shopping, be that by receiving suggestions online or having a stylist session at their place of work’ says Tanja of ID Couture.

Our stylist course covers everything from colour, to wardrobe management, to online styling and working with a real-life client.


Whatever your goals, Style My Stylist training can make them come to life. Whether you want to be a blogger, a personal stylist, personal shopper or simply a style guru for your friends, we will help you become a success.

As working personal stylists, the duo are very passionate about sharing their skills with the new generation of stylists wanting to take this on as a career.

Who can enrol on the stylist training course?

Whether you’re a boutique owner looking to take your styling expertise to the next level in order for you to better assist your customers, or an in store personal shopper that would like to enhance their colour and garment knowledge or someone who’d simply like to sample a day in the life of a personal stylist, you will benefit from this amazing course.

For further information and to book on a stylist training course visit the Style My website.


Finding your colour palette


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Have you ever had a hard time choosing the right colour to wear and finding your colour palette? Trying to find the perfect colour that highlights your skin tone in just the right way? We have all been there. Deciding whether to get the jacket in white or black…while one makes you look more edgy, the other pops and grabs attention. There are many factors that go into choosing the right colour; how you feel, what others think and finding a balance between the two.

When asked what your favorite colour is, what do you say?  We may love many colours but the colour we choose when answering this question is usually a reflection of our current mood. For most of us, our colour preference is an ever changing and ever evolving state of mind. Whether you choose to wear black because it makes you look and feel more sophisticated or if you decide to wear red because it gives you a feminine and chic look, the colour you choose reflects your personality.


Choosing the right colour to wear can be a very daunting task. We tend to gravitate to the same colours over and over because we feel comfortable in them and like “playing it safe”. However, taking risks and going for different colours can be just the thing you need to add a little personality to your wardrobe. Wearing warm colours such as orange, yellow and red can accentuate your skin tone and make your eyes and face come alive. Neutral and cool colours such as white, black, grey and navy are much more versatile and match with all colours and colour combinations. Color mixing is also a great way to bring multiple colours together to create a complimentary or contrasting mix and to see how colours play off each other.

Whatever you decide to wear, always be sure you feel good in it. Don’t be afraid to try new colours and experiment. Just like our moods, our colour preferences fluctuate with the seasons, the weather and the occasion.

Book an online colour consultation here to make sure that you know exactly which colours work best for you.

Images: Vogue | Trend-Setters

Win This Unique & Bespoke 14K Gold Necklace


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dave-esty-style-doctors-personal-stylists-necklaceStyle Doctors is ten years old this year and as one of the longest running personal shopper and personal stylist companies in the UK we are teaming up with talented designers and brands to bring you some great prizes over the next few weeks. This week we’ve teamed-up with talented jewellery designers Dave & Esty to bring you a truly unique accessory.

When two of our personal stylists visited Tel Aviv this year they fell in love with the designers work. Their designs were like nothing our stylists had seen before and the concept behind each piece is both well thought out, beautiful and totally original. You can win one of her amazing bespoke 14K Gold necklaces by entering below.

‘We are constantly looking for new ways to express design, playing with Ideas, techniques and materials, and seeing where they will lead. Some of the best designs are found on the way to a premeditated outcome. so way not stay on the journey and check out a new adventure. We are both graduates of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem’.

dave-esty-win-gold-necklace-competitionThis piece was created with an idea of a contrasts in mind. the contrast of a soft look to a hard object, and the contrast of closely knitted brads on the thin parts and a loose airy knit on the wider parts. Giving this piece a unique combination of opposites that make a whole.

This Dave & Esty piece is hand made and one of a kind.

Materials | Pendant: Deep Gold (a plating 20X thicker then regular gold plating) over copper | Chain: 14K Gold Filled

Simply start your sentence with ‘I’d style this necklace with….’ (you MUST do this to be in with a chance).

To increase your chances of winning share this page on Facebook and Like our page!

The winner will be announced on the 8th of December 2014.

Good luck! Enter HERE.

Style Doctors x

Style Competition – Win a Statement Necklace


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win-this-necklace-style-doctors-personal-stylistsStyle Doctors is ten years old this year and as one of the longest running personal shopper and personal stylist companies in the UK we are teaming up with talented designers and brands to bring you some great prizes over the next few weeks.

This week we’ve teamed-up with talented jewellery designer Emmie from Emmie Lou and you can win one of her amazing statement necklaces by entering below.

Emmie Lou produces unique, statement pieces of jewellery. These bright, bold pieces are for confident women who aren’t afraid to express themselves. Each piece is designed and created in Ireland by Emmie.

‘This is my first jewellery collection. I studied fashion design in Manchester and since then I have been working in the clothing industry. I have always wanted to have my own company designing jewellery. It’s been a long road but it’s finally happening!’

Truly stand out from the crowd in this eye-catching geometric asymmetrical necklace. The large laser cut pendant hangs from a silver plated curb chain and features an Emmie Lou brand tag.


Simply start your sentence with ‘I’d style this necklace with….’

To increase your chances of winning share this page on Facebook! Enter HERE.

The winner will be announced on the 20th of November 2014.

Good luck!

Style Doctors

Win An Online Personal Stylist Session


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onlne-stylist-competition-style-doctors-personal-stylistsWe are offering one person the chance to win an online personal stylist consultation worth £90 as part of our 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations.

Would you love an expert stylist to put looks together for you that are perfect for your body shape, budget and lifestyle?

All you need to do is fill in a questionnaire and your personal stylist does the rest. Whether you need a new wardrobe for the winter or a killer party outfit, your personal stylist will show you exactly where to locate the items that are perfect for you.

If you’re constantly trawling the internet buying and then returning clothes you’ll be amazed that all the stylists suggestions will be perfect for you. Why? Because our stylists have seen everything they suggest on real bodies!

style-doctors-online-personal-stylistSample of an online stylist board using: Topshop | John Lewis | Dune | Topshop | H&M | Selfridges | John Lewis | Mint Velvet | Topshop | John Lewis| Mango | Main Image: Domain Home

Your assigned Style Doctors Personal Stylist will put together a style report which will include a colour chart, style tips and multiple outfit suggestions that you can simply purchase from the comfort of your own home.

The outfits will be curated exclusively for you with your budget in mind and will include lots of mix and match pieces that can be worn in different ways.

Enter via our website here.

Style Competition – Win a Limited Edition Necklace


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win-a-limited-edirion-necklace-style-doctors-personal-stylistsStyle Doctors is ten years old this year and as one of the longest running personal shopper and personal stylist companies in the UK we are teaming up with talented designers and brands to bring you some great prizes over the next few weeks.

This week we’ve teamed-up with talented jewellery designer Joanne from Artique Boutique and you can win one of her limited edition necklaces by entering below.

Joannes’s background is as a fine artist – painting atmospheric images of nature. She studied fine art at Falmouth College of Arts and went on to have a 25 year career exhibiting at venues such as The Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court Palace, The National Trust and various London galleries. She was also fortunate to receive awards from The Mail on Sunday and The British Watercolour Society. Joanne never imagined she would ever do anything other than paint but somehow her passion for colour, texture, fashion and style lead her into the realm of jewellery design as well.

‘I am also totally inspired by the jewellery materials themselves – gemstones, shells, feathers, ribbons and threads. Everyday I delight in the raw materials that sit in my studio. I love to let my imagination wander and pick out little colour stories that weave from one item to another. Colours that speak of the forest, in deep and verdant tones, or perhaps exotic tales of birds and their fanciful feathers – iridescent and exquisite. Every piece has a story to tell, and every customer becomes a part of that story, woven together through the simple act of wearing’.


This gorgeous, sleek and elegant silver and gold leaf necklace that we’re giving away by Joanne is just the thing for making a statement.

Ideal for those who love to dress up but with a dash of nonconformity! This black silver and gold ‘mixed metal’ necklace is modern, chic and opulent. It features a gold plated branch charm and two metal leaf pendants hanging on a black oxidised sterling silver chain. There is also a chain dangle, finished with a gold plated bead for extra drama and movement.

We think that the contrast between the matt black silver and the satin gold is fantastic – very opulent, rich and striking. The mixed metals look is a popular and growing trend right now, and set to be even bigger for next year. So stay ahead of the crowd with this lovely gold and silver necklace!

‘I sincerely hope that my jewellery is imbued with my love, joy and delight for it, and my greatest wish is that it goes on to inspire, uplift and delight you whenever you wear it. I honestly want you to feel truly fabulous and feminine in your Artique Boutique Jewellery!’

Visit our website here to enter.

Good luck!

Style Doctors


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