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It’s the New Year and a  time for new beginnings and a fresh start. Do you have a bulging wardrobe that’s fighting to get out? Tops falling off hangers and shelves because there isn’t enough space for them? Chairs and beds used as clothing over-flows? If you answered yes to any of these it seems likely that a clear out and a sort out is in order. A cluttered wardrobe means a cluttered life. Sorting out all of your clothes would make getting ready in the mornings or evenings that much easier.

Style Doctors offer a package called the Home Visit in which a Style Doctor would come around to your house and take away all of your wardrobe woes. The stylist would put together outfits using the clothes that you have and would photograph these making outfit selection that much easier for you. The biggest problem most people have is that they just don’t see their clothes. The Style Doctor would also make a pile of clothes that no longer work for you leaving you with an uncluttered, stylish and manageable wardrobe.

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