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When the sun is shining we all start wearing bright colours and when winter sets in we all revert back to black and grey. Here are three colours that are guaranteed to make you smile.

 Electric Blue:


One of the only colours that looks good on all skintones. This colour instantly brightens up the eyes, your mood and that of people around you. Blue is also the favourite colour of 50% of men and women. This colour is often associated with friendship and harmony.


Amethyst Purple:


This shade has a deep and even colour saturation and some people believe that it has soothing and healing properties. Jewel tones make us feel warm, luxurious and seductive, perfect for dull days. This is another colour that works on many skintones.


Emerald Green:


A rich, warm colour that in instantly lifts the mood. Some people are afraid of green however it’s often a colour we admire on other people. Emerald is the colour of life and of the springtime. For centuries this has been the colour of beauty and love. In ancient Rome, green was the colour of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love.


Wear lots of black? It’s important to wear colour close to the face as light bounces off that colour and onto the face while the black just absorbs the light making you look and feel drab. Remember that you don’t have to go top to toe in colour and that sometimes a bold necklace in a bright colour can lift an outfit.

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