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Would you love to wear skinny jeans but the name alone puts you off? Have you tried on skinny jeans and felt like nothing looked right on you? Have you been wearing the same boot-cut style for years?

Elasticated (we know, it doesn’t sound sexy) jeggings are the answer! If you find that skinny jeans gape at the back, never stay up and you have trouble getting them to fit both your thigh and waist these will answer all of your problems.

Our personal shoppers at Style Doctors have put together some of the best denim jeggings on the high street to suit a wide range of different shapes.

A top tip is to ensure that you try your jeggings on with a top that goes down below the waistband. This will help cover the elastic and will make sure the outfit looks balanced.

Try these and you’ll open up your wardrobe to a completely new silhouette.

Denim elasticated jeggings are a great alternative to zipped jeans as the elastic helps mould to your shape and will stay in place.

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