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Despite the cloudy weather and cool temperatures, spring is fast approaching and as much as we love to wear our boots and heavy jackets it’s time to break out the short sleeves and skirts!

As we begin to break away from the dark tones of winter, we welcome beautiful and bright pastel hues with open arms. This year especially, pastels are a major trend. Whether its a soft pink, baby blue, or a peachy orange, you can’t go wrong.

Spring Trends

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Another must-have piece in your closet this season is anything floral. As we see the emergence of fresh blooms, we want to recreate that with our outfit pieces. However, keep the patterns simple because you don’t want to overwhelm others with busy combinations that will take away from the rest of your outfit.

Pretty pale shades and warm, neutral colors are well-paired with a statement necklace for an even more feminine touch. Another great way to echo the trends of spring are through your accessories and makeup. If you can’t seem to find the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe, you can make it easy with a quick at-home manicure or a light application of lipstick to give the same effect.

Happy spring!