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The “It” bag is much more than your everyday handbag, this bag is all about showing off your personal style with a bang. Now that spring has arrived there is no better time to make room for a new addition.

Your bag is not just a symbol of style-savvy, it’s proof that you are willing to invest in a hefty down payment in the name of a designer. Most luxury purses are well over 1,000 and some even higher than that..but even if your not particularly susceptible to the latest must-have trends, there is something to be said about a beautifully made bag. After all, it does carry your everyday necessities on a daily basis.

Why not spend a little more on a bag that will last? Handbags from Forever 21 are cheaper and trendy but is it quality? We present our bags as status symbols, marks of success, and as an emblem of our fashion-conscious, working woman lifestyle. So when it comes to our bags we want to make a statement and although, these bags may accompany a steep price tag it is a worthy investment.

It’s your life with a handle and if you take care of it it can last years! Image
1: Ted Baker 2: Michael Kors 3: Ted Baker 4: L.K. Bennett 5: Marc Jacobs 6: Givenchy

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