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Every man needs at least one good suit, a suit that you can wear to almost any occasion that won’t cost you a fortune to get. Most suits can cost way over £500 but why spend all the money you earn working on something you are going to wear to work? You might not wear a suit to work however, you will probably wear one at some point or another and when you do, you want to look good!

The look you want to achieve is simple: less is more. You don’t want too many layers or contrasting prints. Instead, make a statement by not making one or at least, looking as  though you are not trying so hard to make one. Like the best in modern design, your suit should be simple, streamlined, and well-fitted. That’s the look you want.


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Whether you’re an office guy who needs to look sharp for the competition, or the creative type who dresses up just because, your suit is the basic building block for looking good. It’s an adaptable yet, timeless uniform you can wear all throughout the year.

It doesn’t matter what kind of suit you’re investing in, whether it’s £300 or £1,000, cotton or linen, two-button or three. There are plenty of guys who buy expensive designer suits that don’t fit and then there are the men in cheap but well-tailored suits, who look like a million quid…

Above are just a few looks we have put together to achieve that effortless, ‘dressed to impress’ look – all under £150.