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tumblr_n7ap2cJkIJ1qc1ogno1_1280Got a weekend away booked? No idea what to pack? Want to look stylish but without having to take lots of luggage? We’ve got you covered.

For the bottoms you can work with three different styles that will fit different occasion. You want to have one nice pair of jeans, the perfect length shorts, and a classic pair of chinos.

When picking your jeans, it’s all in the fit. The perfect fit in jeans will keep your look clean and more put together even if you’re just pairing it with a basic tee.

Shorts can be tricky but they are very much in style right now. The key here is finding the perfect length. Two inches above the knee is usually a good rule. The great part about shorts is they come in a variety of styles. It wouldn’t hurt to bring 2 or 3 options of shorts on your trip. With shorts you can either dress them up or down. You can pair your shorts with anything from a classic tee to a button up with a well-fitted blazer. The possibilities are endless.

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of chinos, you can dress them up as casual or as smart as you’d like which is a great trick for a weekend trip since you’ll be engaging in a rage of different activities.

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 9.53.49 AMThough we have three solid versatile bottoms, when it comes to the upper half it’ll depend more on your personal style and what look you’re going for. This is the part of your outfit you use to either dress it up or down.

We suggest two button up polos; one in a neutral colour and one in a more fun colour. You can pair a polo with any of the bottoms suggested. For a more casual look put together the fun coloured polo with a pair of neutral colour shorts, accessorize this with a pair of loafers and your favorite pair of sunglasses and you’re ready for an easy day of exploring.

If you’re going for a smarter look, pair your neural coloured polo with a pair of chinos and a blazer for more of an evening look. This look is perfect for a nice dinner while on your getaway.

Similar to the polos, adding a basic tee your outfit can create versatile looks. You can pair your tee with either jeans or a pair of your shorts, add in a nice jacket and create a casual look that can be worn many places.

These pieces are great foundations for your weekend trip but don’t forget to add pieces of your personal style wherever you go whether that’s your favorite sunglasses, a funky fedora, or an elegant bow tie.

Now you’re all packed and ready to go.


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