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3b34e7d26f9aa5c519d54c3acd088da0Have you changed your handbag recently or are you still carrying around your winter handbag because it’s too much work to move everything from one bag to another? Even a new handbag can give you a boost and can make your outfits feel different. At the moment there is a handbag in every style, every colour, and one for every occasion available from high street to designer. When going through your wardrobe there are some essential handbags that you want to make sure that are in your collection.

Now is the perfect time to shop for handbags because lots of these are in the sales! We’re going to guide you through the process of picking out the perfect handbag.

The everyday bag is essential because most women need a bag every day. This should a medium sized bag usually in a neutral colour like tan, mink or black that can easily match multiple items in your wardrobe.

The evening clutch is every lady’s lifesaver. When you’re going out you don’t want to haul around a huge bag, a nice clutch or a small purse is perfect for those nights out when you just need your wallet, phone, and lipstick. You’d be surprised how many people don’t have a go-to evening clutch. As a rule, if your outfit is delicate your bag should be the same.
If you travel a lot or are in situations where you have to carry a lot around, a classic tote is a must have for you. You can find a variety of stylish totes that are perfect for your travels.

Lastly you need one fun and funky handbag! Don’t be afraid of colour. It’s summer and a bright coloured handbag is exactly what your wardrobe is missing. Adding a colourful handbag to your outfit can turn it from drab to fab instantly. When picking out a colourful handbag find a style that you’ll get the most use out of, whether it’s a clutch, a medium sized bag, or a classic tote. Adding this splash of colour is essential to brighten your outfit and your mood.

On our style board, we have included stars next to the bags that would be the colour pop piece for your handbag collection.
When you’re shopping summer sales this weekend and you think to yourself “Do I need another handbag?” we’re here to tell you, yes, yes you do. Swap the contents of your current handbag immediately after buying it!
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