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462880ec2ebdd054d76f0311b885655aCookie cutter weddings have become a thing of the past and with that so have the typical wedding guest outfits.

With so many different wedding themes it’s hard to keep up with what wardrobe style is appropriate for which wedding and we’re here to help.

Luck to enough to be attending a beach wedding? The great things about beach weddings are that you can dress a little less formal than you would at a wedding here. For our beach wedding inspiration we found a timeless off white jumpsuit and paired this with a statement necklace and a stylish clutch. As far as shoes go, you have to be comfortable with walking in the sand therefore heels are not ideal. Instead, a stylish pair of sandals is perfect for a beach wedding. The statement necklace and sandals are a perfect pairing because the necklace dresses up the look that would otherwise be very casual because of the sandals.

Themed Wedding Style

A countryside wedding brings the beauty of nature and the sophistication of glamorous day into one place so when attending a wedding such as this one; your outfit should do the same. The printed dress has a great demure sleeve and is both stylish and classic at the same time. A light pink clutch and matching wedges accompany this dress perfectly and tones down the print.

Lastly we have the black-tie wedding. When shopping for a black-tie wedding outfit you will be able to find a variety of dresses in the evening dress category. When shopping keep this in mind, black-tie does not mean you’re limited to a long black dress. If you decide you want to wear a short dress keep it classic and elegant. Keep to one shade as prints are best left for country weddings. Think bond girl!

No matter the wedding them there is a perfect outfit out there for you and if you’re still struggling to find what that perfect fit is for you, book a styling appointment with us today!

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