Style Doctors are a team of Image Consultants, Personal Shoppers, Make-up Artists and Personal Stylists which can transform anyone into the person they want to be. Style Doctors was founded in 2003 to offer a specialised service to anyone and everyone all across the UK whatever their budget, shape or requirement.

All of the Style Doctors have fashion backgrounds as stylists, designers and personal shoppers and can help anyone find their own personal style in a relaxed and fun way. Everyone at Style Doctors has expert knowledge on colour, shapes, fabrics and styles to suit your own individual body shape plus much more. Every member of the team is trained to deal with any requirement however big or small. We aim to make every shopping trip and style day as fun and relaxed as possible and that’s why all of our stylists are friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth.

“It gives us great satisfaction after a transformation is complete to see how happy our clients are. Not being slaves to fashion we are more interested in satisfying the customers needs and making sure they feel good in what they are wearing, be they male or female.”

The service offered by the team is unique as we have no allegiance to any particular store, brand or location. With Image Consultants in various areas across the UK, the team has an excellent knowledge of shops found in major towns and cities. We understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your local shopping area.

Style Doctors have had two makeover series on ITV and have regular guest appearances on various TV shows such as the Lorraine show, FIVE, the BBC and more.

As well as our everyday clients we also work with large companies across the UK on various aspects of image and style which include style seminars, personal styling presentations and shopping centre events.

Most of our clients would agree that the service we offer is a long term investment and you will end up spending less money on clothes after a meeting with The Style Doctors. We will help you utilise all of your clothes whilst making sure that you make the most of your new purchases leaving you with the ultimate capsule wardrobe for any occasion.

We have a package to suit everyone’s needs and budget and we guarantee immediate results. Have a look at our packages to see which one best suits your needs. Meet some of the Style Doctors team on our Blog.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Look good, Feel Great!

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